Welcome to SmartSat

We are a Multichoice DSTV Installation company who pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work at reasonable prices. Our professional technicians will assist you with your Satellite installations and connections. Our DSTV Installers are fully experienced at installing DSTV systems and have the knowledge to carry out discreet installations to meet each individual customers requirements including hidden dishes and cables etc.

We offer new DSTV installations, repairs, relocations and upgrades. We specialise in Dstv Explora and HD PVR Extraview Installations. We offer our installation service to home owners and businesses.  

DSTV Explora PVR Decoder

We setup & install DSTV Explora PVR Decoders

DSTV Explora benefits:
More Content
Recordings more - up to 220 hours
More DStv Catch Up and
More BoxOffice options
More series recordings
XtraView capable


We setup & install DSTV HD PVR Decoders

DSTV HD PVR benefits:
Record 150 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD TV
View 1 record 1 simultaneously
Pause Live TV programming for up to 2 hours
Rewind Live TV programming
Fast Forward View in slow motion
XtraView capability


DSTV XtraView

We setup & install DSTV XtraView Decoders

DSTV XtraView benefits:
XtraView is a cost effective and flexible solution that
allows you to enjoy different DStv programmes in two
different rooms all at the same time.
Flexible viewing for the whole family

DSTV Satellite Dish & Decoder

We setup & install DSTV Satellite Dishes & Decoders

DSTV dish benefits:
Professional installations
Accurate connecitons
Quality signals
Dish installations for all DSTV decoder options.

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